Senior's Health

As the number of older people increases in Australia, so too does the complexity of the management of chronic health concerns. Our challenge at North Shore Medical Centre is to provide appropriate care of the highest quality to older people working collaboratively with other health providers. Our GP's play a key role in delivering high quality primary care to older people living at home and in residential aged care settings.

At North Shore Medical Centre, Aged Care is a clinical area to which we devote significant attention. Our GP’s are skilled in assessing and treating many of the common clinical conditions that occur in the ageing population including ischaemic heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, chronic obstructive airways disease, kidney disease and cerebrovascular disease. Older patients may receive assistance from a variety of programs and services for the aged, of which our GP’s can advise and inform patients.

Dr Peter Alroe (Practice Principal) cares for residents in the local aged care facilities and nursing homes, whilst all our doctors share a common and genuine concern for the community and its mature residents.